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Financial Support / Direct Financial Support
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Direct financial support involves non-repayable supports which are provided by the development agency generally upon call for proposals. On the other hand, with an exception, the agency can also provide Direct Activity Support and Guided Project Support without call for proposal in order to lessen its liabilities of project preparation or to manage the project preparation process itself.

Direct Financial Support is executed in three different ways:
  • Call for Proposal
  • Direct Activity Support
  • Guided Project Support
Call for Proposals

l for Proposal is an invitation for potential applicants, carrying necessary qualifications, to submit project proposals which have to comply with the pre-determined subjects and conditions. The details regarding the call for proposal will be involved in the publication notice as well as the application guide.

The minimum and maximum amounts of support per project can differ upon the special conditions of the support program. While determining these limits, factors such as general and special objectives of the program, the qualifications of potential applicants, the appropriate project subjects and their costs, program budget and the relevant legislation are considered.

The co-finance rate of the projects submitted by the profit making real and legal persons and supported by the Eastern Meditteranean Development Agency is to be at least 50% of total relevant cost where this rate cannot be decreased in any case. On the other hand this rate of co-finance can be increased by taking into account the socio-economic development level of the region.

Restricted Call for Proposals

In restricted call for proposals, potential applicants whose eligibility conditions are well-designed in accordance with the nature of a pre-determined support program are invited to submit their proposals. Unlike open call for proposals, in restricted one, only concept notes are submitted for evaluation in the first instance. Thereafter, applicants whose concept notes have been successfully pre-selected are invited to submit their full applications.

The Agency, in line with the Regional Plan and Programs and its working program, may provide funds to the following activities and areas under the restricted call for proposals:
  • To develop business and investment opportunities
  • To mobilize the potential of competitiveness
  • To improve the technology infrastructure
  • Big-budget Infrastructure and Business Projects like Business Development Centre, Technology Development Centre and Technoparcs which contribute to improve entrepreneurship and innovation capacity
  • The projects developing innovative support systems and mechanisms especially for SMEs
  • Small-sized infrastructure projects of local administrations
  • The projects requiring detailed preparatory period
In restricted call for proposals, announcement and application processes are completed by following the rules and procedures of open call for proposals method.   The time limit for submission of concept notes shall not be less than 30 days and more than 45 days after the announcement date of call for proposal.

Guided Project Support

Guided Project Support is designed for providing financial and technical supports to projects contributing acceleration of regional development and enhancement of entrepreneurship and innovation capacity of the region.

The Agency determines the project areas to be supported with its general framework and also the possible actors competent to implement it. In this type of support, cooperation among public sector, private sector and nongovernmental organizations is highly encouraged.

The implementation period of the projects under the Guided Project Support shall not exceed 2 years. The Agency may provide support at a maximum rate of 90% per project. 

Direct Activity Support Program

The aim of the Direct Activity Support Program is to provide financial support for strategic research, planning and feasibility studies targeted to make contribution to local/regional development, and improve the implementation capacity of regional progress and plans. The Direct Activity Support Program apparently complies with legislation and is undertaken in the frame of national plans and programs.

Direct Activity Support Program supports activities that do not contain any investment component. The time duration for the projects financed under this program is maximum three months. The three month implementation phase begins just one day after contract is signed.

Municipalities, universities, other public institutions, professional organizations with public institution status, Non-Governmental Organizations, Unions and Cooperatives are only institutions/organizations that can benefit from Direct Activity Support Program.

Under this program, the Eastern Meditteranean Development Agency provides financial support for the activities defined in line with strategic priorities determined for regional development. Therefore, the projects that will be prepared must comply with the plans and programs in implementation. Some activities that can receive Direct Activity Support are as following;
  • The activities important for development and increasing competitiveness power of region
  • The activities necessary to take urgent precautions in order to prevent threats and risks for region’s economy
  • The activities oriented to detection and promotion of investment opportunities of the region in national as well as international arena
  • The research and planning works having critical importance for the region especially in relation to improving the capacity of innovation and entrepreneurship of the region
  • The activities oriented to promoting, preserving and developing of environmental, historical, natural and social values
  • The activities directed to launching and realizing of strategic acts
  • The works that will have an impact on large-scale investment decisions in short term and contribute to leading of these decisions
  • The works that will contribute to development end leading of human resources in the region Under the Direct Activity Support Program, minimum and maximum amounts that will be given for each project are decided upon in the limits of the legislation and determined by the Eastern Meditteranean Development Agency for each program. Support amounts of Direct Activity Support Program in 2010 were determined 18.000 TL and 70.000 TL as minimum and maximum amounts respectively. Besides, any support demanded from the Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency cannot be less than 25% and more than 100% of total feasible budget of the proposed project. That is, the support of 60.000 TL for the project whose total feasible budget is 50.000 TL cannot be provided. In the same token, the support of 24.000 TL for the project whose total feasible budget is 100.000 TL cannot be provided either.
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