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Secretary General


Onur YILDIZ was born in Antakya / Hatay in 1978.He completed his primary education in Anamur Atatürk Primary School in Mersin, secondary education in İskenderun İstiklal Makzume Anatolian High School in Hatay, and his high school education in Osmaniye Anatolian High School.

In 2003, he graduated from Mustafa Kemal University as a civil engineer. In 2018, YILDIZ received his master's degree in Civil Engineering from Iskenderun Technical University and attended public procurement law, project management and migration trainings. Specialized in refinery, petro-chemical and iron and steel industries.

YILDIZ, who has expertise in the fields of cost, planning, project management and budget, as well as steel field, planning and construction field conducting, planning and civil engineering experience both in Turkey and abroad in the public and private sector, started to work at DOĞAKA as an expert on the units of monitoring and evaluation, administrative financial affairs and corporate coordination units.

He was appointed as Secretary General of DOĞAKA on 18 August 2014. He is married, has two children and speaks English.

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