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Corporate Structure / Chairman of Board of Management
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Hatay Valisi Rahmi Doğan
Rahmi DOĞAN, HATAY GOVERNOR – Chairman of DOĞAKA Board of Management

He was born in 1969 in Sivas. He completed his primary and high school education in Danişment Primary School, and completed middle and high school in Sivas İmam Hatip High School. In 1987, he joined the Faculty of Political Sciences at Istanbul University. After graduating from there in 1991, he started to work as a Officer in the Research and Planning Coordination Department of Sivas Municipality in 1992. During his candidacy, our governor, Ms. RahmiDogan, received language training in Oxford for 8 months and made professional investigations.

He performed the following tasks:

* 1992-1994: Sivas Municipality

* 1994-1995: Candidate of Sivas District Governor

* 1995-1996: Acting Director of the Governorship of GiresunPiraziz

* 1997-1999: District Governor of Tokat-Başçiftlik

* 1999-2001: Kilis-Elbeyli District Governor-Öncüpınar Border Gate

* 2001-2003: Deputy Governor of Kilis

* 2003-2007: Ministry of Interior Directorate of Provincial Administration Branch Manager

* 2007-2008: Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Provincial Administration Head of Department

* 2008-2013: Head of Department of General Directorate of Provincial Administration

* 2013 (5 months): Ministry of Interior, Legal Consultant

* 2014-2015: Head of the Department of Information Technology

* 2015-2016: General Director of Provincial Administration

* 2016-2018: Governor of Kars

Academic Studies

CU Institute of Social Sciences graduate degree in "Cost of Restructuring and provincial organizations of the provinces in Turkey" was completed by preparing his thesis.


Since 2004, the project coordinator on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey to the European Union harmonization process, such as the UN-UNDP-UNICEF and the European Union has carried out various projects in cooperation with international organizations. Apart from routine in-service trainings, he has attended many meetings, courses and examinations in Turkey and abroad.

* Institutional Capacity Building Project in Basic Services (UNİCEF)

* E-Call (eCall) Project (2012-2014): European Commission funded and Turkey, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Belgium, 112 based in Europe with projects in Spain and Denmark join aims the establishment of in-car emergency call system.

* 112 Emergency Call Centers Project (EU Project): 112 Emergency Call Centers Project, which has been in progress since 2005, building works are ongoing in 24 provinces in 12 provinces. The project is expected to be completed in 10 provinces each year.

* Project for Improving Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Units (EU-UNDP): I. Phase was completed in 2010. Phase II of the project started in November 2012 and aims to increase the supervision and supervision of the internal security units by civil authorities.

* United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Place Names Studies (UN): 3 in the region is a member of Turkey (Division) and commissioned by the UN to work for the country to participate in regional and international meetings.


Our Governor Mr. Rahmi Doğan was appointed as the Governor of Hatay with the Presidential Decree no. 202 dated 26 October 2018. He is married and has two children. He is fluent in English.

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