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Corporate Structure / Investment Support Offices
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Investment support offices have been established within the body of Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency in Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Osmaniye provinces and 5 experts were assigned to each office.

Investment support offices will provide services on subjects such as promoting the business and investment opportunities of the province in national and international levels in cooperation with relevant enterprises, and giving consultancy to the investors in carrying out permission, license and administrative works and processes as well as other subjects which the investors may need.

Framework of the works and processes to be carried out by the investment support offices is as shown below.
  • Promotion Activities
    1. Promotion of the Agency and Activities of the Agency
    2. Promotion of provinces
  • Investment Support Activities
    1. Carrying out permission, license and administrative works and processes of investors
    2. Local Investor support
    3. Foreign Investor support
  • Supporting the Agency Activities in the Provinces
  • Following the Investment Activities in the Provinces
Abiding by this framework, Investment Support Offices will fulfill the following works and processes:
  1. Give information and lead the investor in accordance with the application conditions and required certificates
  2. Accept and follow up permission works of non-sanitary enterprises engaged in manufacturing, mining, transportation, tourism, education, health and energy sectors on issues such as environment, human health, safety at work, food and investment place (mine exploration license excluded)
    • Accept applications of investors
    • Transmit permission, license and other administrative transactions of the investors to related authority and follow up the same
    • Follow the solutions of problems encountered in the investment process by competent authorities
    • Answer investor questions about applications
    • File the accepted projects and related documents, keep them for 5 years and continue keeping them on electronic medium upon expiry of this period
  3. Provide above-mentioned services free of charge
  4. Arrange monthly activity report and submit it to the Governorate and Office of Secretary General
  5. Promote business and investment opportunities of the province on the national and international level in cooperation with relevant enterprises
  6. Make publications on the subjects being carried out
  7. Give information and support investors on incentives and supports which may be provided by national and international institutions
  8. Support and coordinate international investment, support and promotion activities which may be made in the province
  9. Carry out the works and processes requested by the other units of the Agency at provincial level
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